CreativeCollaborative Mothers by RUCHIKA WASON SINGH

CreativeCollaborative Mothers is an art project initiated by New Delhi based artist Ruchika Wason Singh .It is based on the belief, that motherhood is a universal experience and an energy; which can transform itself to the understanding of extended realities, beyond borders and cultures. The project is structured as a residency , with the aim of bringing together artist mothers for a period of one week.  To collaborate , to live together, to exchange notes and to create in a homely space , is the focus of the project. The participating artists are free to explore new collaborations or find extensions of their previous projects through their dialogues.

The project shall provide support of space for studio and accommodation to the participating artists, in a warm and cosy bungalow in the hills of Uttarakhand, India. All other expenses are to be borne by the artists themselves. The project is as much focused on the process , as also the product. At the end of the residency, each participating artist is expected to submit in original , two works on paper produced during the stay and a text piece on the process , impacted by the residency and the scope of exchange and dialogue it provided.The works and text submitted (in an A4 size folder) shall be a part of an archive .

Currently, the project is self – funded by Ruchika Wason Singh. Participating artists are expected to apply for funding if required.

The Concept

The conceptualisation of the structure of the residency, is the very core of my project.My focus is on a seven day, collaborative residency for mother-artists. The idea to work upon such a residency project ;sprung from my own constraints at taking long time out from family life , as well as the need to find platforms for dialogues.

Both,the time and the energy to create, are budgeted entities for creative mothers. The duration of each segment of the residency /project is worked around this practical issue we struggle with. I believe that the short duration of the residency can contribute in its own unique way; as opposed to the month/s long residencies, which often seem impractical for many of us to apply for or participate in. The week-long residency shall provide the participants the time and space away from their individual homes, to make another make-shift collaborative home ;in which they will they will collaborate as they live, cook, paint, chat in a domestic setting they will themselves create for each other.

Considering the short duration of the residency, the ideas and exchange of notes to collaborate upon, should be initiated at least a month before the commencement of the residency .This process, either in person or any other mediums of communication will also be a part of the final submission .The purpose of the project is to continue to find possibilities of self- growth and dialogue as artists , while continuing with our role as mothers. Rather than a grand plan , small segments of experiences of maternal life could become points of take off . The exchange could be in the form of verbal or written text and / or visuals, leading to a creative process.

I hope that the polarities of cultures, shall find their way through the universality of motherhood.

A.M.M.A.A.- The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia by RUCHIKA WASON SINGH

A.M.M.A.A. simply means mother.
It is also a space, for mapping mother artists in Asia and their art practice. A.M.M.A.A. is a research initiative by Indian artist Ruchika Wason Singh, to document the different aspects of their art making and its possible relations with motherhood . The archive should serve as a space, both to make and claim , for and by mother artists in Asian countries; through their commitment to create despite maternal and domestic responsibilities.

A.M.M.A.A. is the first platform of its kind in Asia, to focus on mother artists and their art.

For Call for Submissions , please click the link below