Curated by Manuela de Leonardis

Travels to Croatia !


14 April to 13 May 2017
Opening Friday 14 April at 18.30
Galerija Forum
Ul. Nikole Tesle 16, 10000, Zagreb

20 May-5 June 2017
Opening Saturday 20 May at 18.30
Galerija Line
Velika Ulica 5 52466 Novigrad - Cittanova


For the first time the project The women's blood. Traces of red on white cloth, curated by Manuela De Leonardis, crosses national borders to reach Croatia.

By partnering with Karmen Corak, Jerica Ziherl and Antun Maračić a selection of 24 works of artists Manal Al Dowayan, Wafa Bahai, Takoua Ben Mohamed, Tomaso Binga, Rosina Byrne, Rupa Chordia-Samdaria, Sara Ciuffetta, Karmen Corak, Mila Dau, Vlasta Delimar, Isabella Ducrot, Silvia Giambrone, Maïmouna Guerresi, Susan Harbage Page, Sasha Huber, Silvia Levenson, Anja Luithle, Victoria Manganiello, Patrizia Molinari, Yasuko Oki, Sofia Rocchetti, Anna Romanello, Maria Angeles Vila, Ruchika Wason Singh) will be exposed to Zagreb and Novigrad / Novigrad.

In December 2013, the curator has found in a flea market in Rome some plain linen pieces (white or ivory), of those who in times past were folded into vertical strips and pinned with a safety pin inside the pants: they served to women to buffer and absorb the menstrual flow.

The conceptual and physical link between the women's blood and "diaper" is very close. For this reason the project has been designed for women with the involvement of 40 international artists to which a "diaper" was delivered. Each has gone through the different aspects of women, some of whom still taboo in the West as in the rest of the world: birth, puberty, pregnancy, or choosing not to be a mother, menopause, sexuality, violence, femicide.

The artists were able to range freely, exploring different techniques and languages emotional and perceptual aspects of the issue, in terms of cultural, historical, social and psychological:

Yasue Akiyama (Japan / Italy), Manal AlDowayan (Saudi Arabia) , Wafa Bahai (Saudi Arabia), Alessandra Baldoni (Italy), Takoua Ben Mohamed (Tunisia / Italy), Tomaso Binga (Italy), Rita Boini (Italy) (journalist and writer), Rosina Byrne (Australia), Giovanna Caimmi (Italy ), Rupa Chordia-Samdaria (India / United States), Sara Ciuffetta (Italy); Karmen Corak (Slovenia / Italy), Mila Dau (United States), Vlasta Delimar (Croatia), Kristien De Neve (Belgium), Maria Diana (Italy), Isabella Ducrot (Italy), Silvia Giambrone (Italy), Maïmouna Guerresi (Italy / Senegal), Susan Harbage Page (United States), Sasha Huber (Switzerland / Finland / Haiti), Hanako Kumazawa (Japan / Italy), Silvia Levenson (Argentina / Italy), Anja Luithle (Germany), Victoria Manganiello (United States) Patrizia Molinari (Italy), Elly Nagaoka (Japan), Yasuko Oki (Japan), Sonya Orfalian (Italy / Armenia), Sofia Rocchetti (Italy), Anna Romanello (Italy), Ivana Spinelli (Italy), Laura BSI Facchini (Italy / Netherlands), Paola Romoli Venturi (Italy), Virginia Ryan (Australia / Italy), Ketty Tagliatti (Italy), Judy Tuwaletstiwa (United States), Maria Angeles Vila (Spain / Italy), Nicole Voltan (Italy), Ruchika Wason Singh (India).

The exhibition saw for the first part of the involvement of the Association La Stellina Contemporary Art of Rome and co-curated by Rossella Alessandrucci, thanks to which the exhibition has had as an inaugural seat of the International House of Women in Rome (30 October- November 13, 2015) with an exhibition of works by 14 artists and the publication of a catalog in Italian, followed by a second stage an exhibition with works by 30 artists at the Teatro Comunale Stable of Isola del Liri (1-14 May 2016) , under the umbrella of the Department of Equal Opportunities and in collaboration with Blink Photo School and Arch. Lucia Gabriele. A selection of 12 works has been exhibited in collective Intreccio, curated by Grefti gallery at the Center for Contemporary Art La Rocca Umbertide (3-26 March 2017).

The final objective will be the Italian / English bilingual publication of a book that will contain: a preface by Rossella Alessandrucci, critical text by Manuela De Leonardis, the work cycle Mirella Bentivoglio, the works of the artists images with their texts, a contribution Jerica Ziherl critic, an expert dell'etnologa text in Japanese language and literature Maria Cristina Gasperini, a Jungian psychoanalyst text of Alberto Massarelli, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics text Stefano Barchiesi